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I’m Patrick 👋

I’m a former software engineer, former startup founder, and current job seeker.

About 5 months ago I left the startup I co-founded to take a break - after over 2 years of pre-PMF startup land, I was burnt out. I spent about a month doing absolutely nothing and then went on an Interrail trip around Europe. I visited 23/27 EU countries. It was some craic.

You can read about my startup journey here and my experience leaving here.

I’ve got the fire back in my belly and I’m ready to dive into the next chapter of my career. I’m looking for a long term opportunity that I'd be excited to spend a long term doing.

This is my first time looking for a job since my first time looking for a job. More recently I've been on the other side of the table trying to hire people. I decided to try and approach this with a question of “what kind of CV do I wish candidates had made for me?”

So to that end, I'm focusing mainly on what I've built or worked on myself - and what I learned from each experience. Here's a brief summary of my entire career. Lol.

Buuut just before telling you about me, there are a few things I hope are true about you. It’s a little ambiguous to me what a natural next step is career wise - all I know is that I don’t want to dive into starting another company right away. I don’t have an exact job title in mind - I’m very much open to consider anything. At a high level, here’s my wish list for my dream role at a dream company:

My Dream Role

1: I’m making something
I’m a builder at heart - it’s important to me that I am creating something
2: I talk to people a lot
Out and out extrovert here - I get energy from conversations and often think out loud
3: I get to make strategic decisions and be responsible for outcomes
It’s important to me that I’m moving needle or have a target that I own
4: There’s time for deep work
I need space in my day to write or code
5: I get to tell stories
I love creating narratives that pull people along - either in writing or in conversation
6: Remote Friendly
I’ve been bitten by the nomad bug - happy to travel and meet up frequently but less keen to be tied to one place indefinitely
Dream company
- Small-ish and Growing
- Has a clear vision and a product that has launched
- Strong evidence of Product Market Fit
- Still a lot left to work out
- Mission orientated
- Very strong culture
My Anti-Role
- I’m doing one very specific thing
- I’m working on my own
- I’m not making anything
- I have to remember a lot of details
- I’m mainly reactive
- bouncing from task to task

Anyway, back to me...

I've done this in reverse order, with the most recent stuff at the top. If you'd like to see a random experience, you can click the button below

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Co-founder/CEO - Monaru

Pitching ✦ Fundraising ✦ Hiring ✦ Building product ✦ Planning Product ✦ Pivoting ✦ User research ✦ Launching ✦ Communicatin'

It’s hard to write a summary of my time working on Monaru (and all of the different Monaru products). There were just so many different things going on - and so many different things that I worked on.

Suffice to say - I did a little of a lot. We built a number of pretty substantial products from the ground up. We worked out how to run a small product team - mainly through trial and error.

I learned a lot about hiring - mainly about how difficult it is to attract top talent.

I learned a lot about raising money and creating a strong narrative around why we could be successful.

I learned a lot about how important good communication is when making decisions with a team - mainly by learning the hard way when my poor communication made things difficult

Monaru V1
Monaru V2
Y Combinator program
Failed Fundraise
Shoulder Tap
Quorum Chat
Seed round fundraise
Year in Chat
Mona V1
Mona V2
Product Engineer - Intercom

My first real-life tech job. I joined as a Product Engineer. I absolutely loved my time there. I really didn’t know how to build anything before I started - I spent about a month cramming for the interview and I think I just about scraped by.

I don’t think I appreciated it enough at the time but starting my career there gave me a very high bar for what “good” looks like. Across the board, Intercom just has really high standards. The code quality is excellent, the product development process is deliberate and thoughtful, and the people are fantastic.

It was also amazing to see what true product-market fit looks like - people love using the Intercom product. It's something you really don’t appreciate until you don’t have it. I can’t describe how different it feels to ship a bug and have someone complain within minutes vs. noticing your app is down and realizing you’re the first to notice, even though it’s been down for a few days.

Sales reporting
Get a demo/Calendar app
Operator settings redesign
Experimental branches
Pricing / Packaging update
Miscellaneous integrations
College Days - Computer Engineering in Trinity College Dublin
2013-2017 - 1st Class Honors

I loved my time in college. For me it was an almost overwhelming smorgasbord of different opportunities. I acted. I danced. I did amateur sketch comedy. I played rugby (I had a sports scholarship from my Second year onwards). I was on the committee for the Entrepreneurship Society, the Economic Forum, the Musical Theatre Society, the rugby team...

I wasn’t really a great student. I frequently failed the continuous assessment part of my modules. I was saved by having some pretty great cramming/exam skills. When I found a module interesting though, I would become a little obsessed. I remember reading a number of dense ARM assembly books cover-to-cover like they were Dan Brown novels.

Intercollegiate Coding Competitions
Barclays Internship
College Research

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